Kaiman | Blend | Small Batch

Countries of origin: 1973 Guadeloupe + 1993 Jamaica & Guyana

A limited edition of 500 bottles, this amazing blend is the result of a unique blend:
A cask of traditional Guadeloupe aged from 1973, then transferred 10 years ago in a single bigger oak cask (1000L).

With a cask of two 1993 rums, blended together in 1995 in Europe then aged in an old rum cask. It was a Guyanese rum made from three unusual stills; Savalle from the Diamond distillery, Enmore and Port Mourant from Uitvlugt distillery and a Jamaican pot still rum from Wedderburn.

This blend was aged in an ex rum cask. The specific DNA of this blend is as follows: 72.2% 1973 Guadeloupe and 27.8% 1993 Guyana / Jamaica.

Available in France, Germany, England, Spain, Andorra


Nose: very distinctive, with strong scents of amber, patchouli, coffee and Tonka beans. End notes of rancio
Mouth: burst of subtle aromas. Tertiary flavours of leather, fresh toasted coffee beans, then a soft velvety impression, with both floral and fruity notes, toasted bread, roots and spices (pink pepper, cinchona)
Finish: powerful bitterness due to its old age. With liquorice and woody flavours confirming its strong character


Countries of origin: 1973 Guadeloupe + 1993 Jamaica & Guyana
Sold since: November 2019
Method of Aging: multi
Added: none
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 46% Alc./Vol.
Limited Edition (500 bottles)
Bottled in France without cold filtration