Boulet de Canon 8 | Blend

Country of origin: Panama & Nicaragua

Boulet de Canon N°8 is good on its promise with its smoky, slightly peated notes. This rum is a blend from Nicaragua & Panama mostly 3 to 5 years old with a touch of 8 year old rum.

This South American Ron is rich and full-bodied, it was finished 12 months in casks that previously held peated Islay Whiskies.

This limited edition is here again to pique the interest of the amateurs of peated whisky and spur them to discover the world of rum and vice versa, to give rum amateurs a taste for peated whiskies.


Visual Aspect: Light and subtle straw yellow colour, a rum without any
added colouring.

Nose: Fruity and smoky, vegetal aromas filter from the glass. It reminds
one of an autumn walk through the forest: moss on the tree trunks,
comforting aromas of burning wood in the fireplaces, fragrant ferns and
wet straw bales in the fields. Fruity notes with medlar and persimmon,
also evoke that time of year.

Taste: It has a vegetal side with thyme, cress and a charming rooty notes
(gentian, ginseng). Then there are coffee ground aromas with a
pronounced bitterness and smokiness, clove, paprika and matured meat.

Finish: Appealing smoky and toasted notes, liquorice, toasted almonds,
it’s both bitter and tense with its coffee ground aromas. Persistent,
absolutely delicious !


Countries of origin: Panama & Nicaragua
Sold since: May 2020
Method of Aging: Aged in ex-peated Islay Whisky casks for 12 months minimum
Age: NAS
Added: NONE
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 46% Alc./Vol