Boulet de Canon 7 | Blend

Country of origin: Panama

This Boulet de Canon n°7 is no exception to the rule, experiment!
Born out of the idea of introducing smoky aromas into the world of rum, the manufacturing process varies from one edition to another for all odd editions such as this one.

This seventh edition of Boulet de canon, as a tribute to the British Navy, evokes the smell that permeated the holds of their ships; gunpowder!

You get it, the Boulet de Canon N°7 is actually a Spiced Rhum, infused with smoked jujubes (smoked Japanese dates), cloves, pink pepper, gaiac wood and some ingredients which will remain a secret …

Available in France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Andorra


Good to know: cloudy colour resulting from the maceration of the dried fruits and spices

Nose: smooth and spicy, it evokes a souk (oriental market). Delicate with a spicy and animal touch suggested by whiffs of grilled meat
Mouth: the first taste is full and rich. The fruity aromas then the soft spiciness which becomes slowly warmer. One definitely tastes the grilled, toasted aromas here
Finish: intoxicating like an oriental dish, surprisingly balanced mix of indulgent and spicy


Country of origin: Panama
Sold since: 2019
Method of Aging: ex Bourbon casks
Added: some spices
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 46 % Alc./Vol.
Bottled in France without cold filtration