Boulet de Canon 9 | Blend

Origin: Panama & Nicaragua

Born out of the idea of introducing smoky aromas into the rum world. Process varies from one edition to another for all odd editions, such as this one, and is each time the result of a new experiment.

This Boulet de Canon n°9 is no exception! In partnership with Melt Paris restaurants, this Boulet de Canon 9 is a blend of aged rums from Panama and Nicaragua.

This 46 % Alc./Vol. rum was then infused using a fat wash technique, meaning using fatty substances to add a different flavour and texture to classic spirits.

Infused using smoky BBQ grease, this rum thus captured the typical aromas of grilled meat. A smoky, full-bodied, and iodised rum!


Golden with brown hues.

Nose: Grilled meat, pepper, and cumin. If you close your eyes, the fragrance evokes bacon dipped in BBQ sauce with a hint of balsamic vinegar. It also has wood-fire smoky notes and the richness of a delicious churned butter.

Mouth: Full-bodied, the palate is straightaway full of this silky-smooth impression you get from biting into BBQ ribs. Then some peppery notes give way to those delicious aromas of hazelnut typical of those from the best matured meats.

Finish: Dominated by a delicate smokiness, ever so slightly iodised highlighted by clover and pepper. It’s mouth-watering and addictive.


Bottled in: France
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 46% Alc./Vol.
Limited Edition
Bottled in France without cold filtration