Heading for Bologna, a city packed with amazing places to eat and drink!


· Sala da barba dal 1922 /Barbiere Gino Srl, Via Santo Stefano, 13.

(c)sala-da-barba (c)sala-da-barba

A true old school italian barber, very gentle and careful. One of Florent’s best experience, perfect result.


· Camera Con vista, Via Santo Stefano, 14/2a.

(c)Camera-con-vista (c)Camera-con-vista

The ideal cocktail bar and restaurant to sit and relax watching the passers-by. It is THE trendy bohemian chic place to be, it has a cellar where they have jazz concerts.


· Ruggine, Vicolo Alemagna, 2/C.

(c)theroyaltaster (c) ruggine

A cocktail bar where all the cool kids of Bologna hang out, the atmosphere is home-like, everybody knows everybody, inside everything is sort of mismatched. Cocktails are exclusively made from quality products and the owner, Davo, is one of the best bartender’s in Italy and such a character !


· Ragu’, Via Goito, 9/b.


A fast food that serves true Pasta al Ragu’. You can eat in or eat out, the pasta will be served in a box. Such a treat !


· Macondo, Via del Pratello, 22.

(c)macondo (c)macondo

THE local alternative bar. It has a humongous selection of spirits, mezcal old rums, the finest whiskies and a there is a great feel to the place.


· Cabo Restaurant, Piazza dei Tribunali, 6/A.

(c)cabo-bologna (c)cabo-bologna

A well thought menu and a great wine selection. The clean design of the interior is a fine example of italian elegance.


· Casa Minghetti, Piazza Minghetti, 1A.

(c)casa-minghetti (c)casa-minghetti

Italian bar which is open first thing in the morning to serve coffee but also in the evening for cocktails and food.


· Cremeria Cavour, Piazza Camillio Benso di Cavour.

(c)cremeria-cavour (c)cremeria-cavour

THE Gelateria of Bologna! You should not skip it, their hazelnut ice cream (nocciola) is simply to die for!

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