Jamaica 24 years Cask Strength | Single Cask

Distillery: Hampden

Hampden distillery is an institution in Jamaica known for its heavy rum charged in aromatic particles (esters) and result of a very long fermentation using with indigenous yeasts and especially a production in copper pot stills.
Add to that one of best sugar cane in the world, and you have there the best representing Jamaican rum with a single and recognizable aromatic profile.

Available in France, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Andorra, Czech Republic, Italy



Nose: the nose is on cooked fruits, banana, exotic fruits and butter
Taste: in mouth, we have a real explosion of aromas, the Victoria pineapple, some condensed milk and grilled almond
Finish: the length in mouth is fabulous and the fruity / wooded balance, even after a passage during more than 24 years. It is just extraordinary


Distilled in: April 1992
Bottled in: October 2016
Age: 24 years
Distillery: Hampden
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 59.8% Alc./Vol.
Cask Strength
Limited Edition
Bottled in France without cold filtration