Veneragua | Blend | Small Batch

Countries of origin: Venezuela and Nicaragua

The Veneragua Multi distilleries 13 years 45% is a 5 barrel small batch. It is a blend of 3 barrels from Venezuela and 2 barrels from Nicaragua.

Available in France, Germany, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Japan


Nose: vanilla and roasted notes together with salted butter caramel hints
Mouth: the butter caramel invades the palate to finish on spicy notes and licorice
Finish: nutty, white pepper and tobacco. This rum is complex and spicy but still remains accessible and easy to drink


Countries of origin: Venezuela and Nicaragua
Distilled in: April 2005
Bottled in: July 2018
Age: 13 years
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 45% Alc./Vol.
Small Batch
Limited Edition
Bottled in France without cold filtration