Jamaica 11 years | Single Cask

Distillery: Clarendon

The Clarendon distillery lies in the south of the island Jamaica at St. Catherine’s Town. The rum has been made from local molasses since the 18th century.

Available in France, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Andorra


Nose: a generous nose, full of strong fruity and floral aromas: William pear, elderflower, rose and vineyard peach
Mouth: this William pear aroma shows up again in the mouth, well-married with a vanilla hint, just like a fresh-out-of-the-oven, warm and sweet, dessert, served with its delicious melted chocolate
Finish: straight, on pear notes, lemongrass, vervain and white pepper


Distilled in: March 2007
Bottled in: March 2018
Age: 11 years
Distillery: Clarendon
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 43% Alc./Vol.
Limited Edition
Bottled in France without cold filtration