Indonesia 10 years | Single Cask

Distillery: secret origin

At first this rum surprises by its color: golden straw, much brighter than one would expect after  ten-years of aging. The aroma surprises next and sends the senses on a culinary journey: Fresh sugar cane and rooibos cream tea can be discovered, supplemented by eucalyptus and fruits. All the while the rooibos flavor continues, accompanied by a grassy sugar cane note and saffron. The finish is long-lasting, both fresh and sweet.

Available in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Andorra, Denmark, Netherlands

AWARDS: Eye for Spirits (9/10 points)


Nose: fresh, spicy, rooibos tea, cream, sugar, mint
Taste: rooibos tea, eucalyptus, saffron, sugar, vanilla
Finish: sweetness continuously evolves and remains as the dominant flavor on the palate


Distilled in: December 2004
Bottled in: March 2015
Age: 10 years
Distillery: secret origin
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 43% Alc./Vol.
Limited edition