Guyana 18 years | Single Cask

Distillery: Uitvlugt

The Uitvlugt distillery, located on western bank of the Demerara river was closed like all other Guyana distilleries except Diamond. This last one recovered most their stills of which some are extraordinary.
In fact, it’s the “Savalle” still of this old distillery which makes it possible to produce distillates very different from to each other

Available in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Andorra, Sweden, Netherlands


Nose: powerful and elegant nose with citrus fruits notes, green tea and acacia flowers
Taste: very complex, on citrus fruits notes, too (grapefruit, blood orange)
Finish: the aftertaste is very balanced between these fruity and spiced notes (the wood is really well integrated)


Distilled in: November 1997
Bottled in: April 2016
Age: 18 years
Distillery: Uitvlugt
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 45 % Alc./Vol.
Added: Caramel coloring having been added in the barrel following distillation
Aged in Armagnac Cask
Limited edition