Origin : Jamaica

The Great Whites are Compagnie des Indes’ line of exceptional white rums. Carefully selected from all over the world in order to showcase the most aromatic and full-flavoured, white rums. Cane juice or molasses, pot still or column still, these rums may vary in styles and origin but they share the same vibrant character. Overproof rums at 50° Alc./Vol., Here is the Ghana Great White.


Nose : Very ripe fruits, flambéed banana, jackfruit, very ripe mango, a vegetal, roasted side and extremely present esters, very perceptible on the nose.

Mouth : Fruity, banana and, a very pronounced mango flavour, like a mango-banana smoothie. There is a pleasant creamy side with a smoothness in the mouth, a little burnt and roasted touch, spicy with Sichuan pepper.

Finish : Acidic and full-bodied


Distilled in: Jamaica

Bottled in: 2022

Bottle contains: 70 cl

Alcoholic content: 50% Alc./Vol.

Bottled in France without cold filtration