FIJI SECRETE 10 YO – 44% Alc./Vol.

Origin : Fiji

Fiji is a great producer of sugar cane and therefore molasses (89,384.00
tons in 2018). A great part is exported but a part is used by the sole
distillery of the island in order to produce rum in pot stills. These Fiji
rums have a distinctive nose, powerful with spices.


Nose: First and foremost, elderflower notes of this Fiji, then red fruits
such as cherry and raspberry are quite dominant mingling with curious
scents of hay and Frangipane.

Mouth: Oily and smooth with a hint of acidity. We find red fruits again,
this time redcurrant and blackcurrant. The hay has changed to a smoky,
peppery touch.

Finish: Well balanced, long woody and spicy. It has some of the Indian
food flavours of our previous Fiji bottlings.


Country of origin: Fiji
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 44% Alc./Vol.
Distillation: Column
Base: Molasses
Ageing: 70% Tropical

Supplied with or without case –
packed in box of 6 bottles on
VMF pallet* (96 boxes) or EURO
pallet** (66 boxes)

Bottled in France without cold filtration