Boulet de Canon 5 finish in a tuye | Blend

Countries of origin: Florida

The Boulet de Canon range was created in order to add delicious flavours of smoke to the world of rum via different and innovative processes.
The Boulet de Canon 5 is a blend of 12 year old rums from Florida, who has been through two casks finishing during 2 months in a tuye (smocked pitcher for Haut-Doubs charcuteries) in the middle of mountain hams and Morteau appellation sausages.
This rum will undoubtedly delight smoked and peated whisky’s lovers.

Available in France, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Andorra


Nose: camphorated and spicy notes, after aeration we smell ashy notes (chimney ashes)
Mouth: on the palate, this rum is opulent with cereals notes and liquorice sticks
Finish: the finish is long, spicy with a smoky and ashy notes, which gives this rum a unique character due to its conception and aromas


Countries of origin: Florida
Sold since: 2017
Method of Aging: ex bourbon, thereafter finish in a tuye for 2 months
Added: None
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 46 % Alc./Vol.
Bottled in France without cold filtration