Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Site Editor
The website is edited by L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS whose identity is as follows:
Type of company: SARL
Capital: 20 000 €
Registered at the Register of Businesses and Companies in Dijon, France.
Registered Number n° 817 888 373
15 rue du collège
21200 Beaune
Telephone number:

Director of Publishing: Mr Pierre BEUCHET.

WebHost is hosted by the company
Obambu SARL – 10 rue de Penthièvre – 75008 Paris – France


Intellectual property
The website is the property of L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS. It was conceived and developed by BRAIN FOR BRANDS. This site is protected by the laws of intellectual property relating to text, images, photographs, illustrations and logos (to include brands, patents, drawings and models…) and copyright laws pertaining to their respective owners (the company L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS or other third parties). This site is exclusively reserved for private and personal use; users are strictly limited to the consultation of information (total or partial) appearing on the site. All use, reproduction, downloading in total or in part of this website or any of its elements (text, pictures, photographs content, sound, graphics, illustrations, names or logos) without the express permission of the owner is strictly forbidden, with the exception of private copies made for personal and non-commercial use only. Infractions will liable to penal and civil sanctions, notably concerning counterfeit, and will be susceptible to incur costs for damages and related expenditure.

Data Protection and Civil Liberties
You may consult our site without disclosing personal information such as name, address, telephone number or email. Information that may be gathered from e-mails that you may send or via the ‘Contact’ page of our website are exclusively destined for L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS. Personal data relating to users of the site is collected and used in accordance with the Data Protection and Civil Liberties law of France article 78-17 dated 6 January 1978, under the responsibility of the editor of this website, as identified above. Any personal data collected via the website is destined exclusively for the editor of this internet site. No personal data will be communicated to third parties. Personal data is collected for the sole purpose of responding to questions and requests of the users of the site. The user has the right to oppose the collection of their data. Data identified by an asterisk on the forms on the website is necessary for the correct treatment of any request, and messages cannot therefore be dealt with if this data is not provided.

Specific information concerning age and access to the website
The site is a French internet site that presents information concerning products sold by the company COMPAGNIE DES INDES. In view of the subject matter and the information that may be transmitted access to the site is restricted exclusively to persons who are of legal age to consume or buy alcohol in their country. In France this is fixed at 18 years of age. When logging in to the site the user is required to declare that they are of legal age by clicking on the designated button. Access to the site is therefore strictly limited to users who declare that they are of legal age to consume or buy alcohol. Any false declaration is the exclusive responsibility of the person concerned and in no way engages the liability of L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS, which company is unable to verify the truthfulness of the said declaration.

The web site uses cookies. These are files that are stored in your computer in order to facilitate access to the services that we provide. The cookies from our site contain no information that enables your identification. They are only used to ensure the proper functioning of this site.
Session Cookies: Session cookies are transient cookies that are stored in your web browser’s temporary memory. They are used to ascertain whether users have already visited the website and to check that they are legally old enough to access the Compagnie des Indes site. They are deleted with closing your browser.

Limitation of Liability
Within the limits of the applicable legislation neither L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS, nor its associate companies (including, by not limited to, its administrators, directors, employees and agents), can be held liable for damages suffered in respect of direct or indirect prejudice corresponding to related costs, indemnities, lost profits or compensation for loss of data, problems of transmission, interruption of service, error, omission or imprecision of content or impossibility to access this site, in whatever form of guarantee, (contract, tort or otherwise), irrespective of any question of negligence or whether or not L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS were aware of the possibility or the occurrence of any consequential damage whatsoever.

L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS cannot be held responsible for the content of any website to which their site is linked. L’ORFEVRE DES TERROIRS DU RHUM – OTR SPIRITS have no control over the content of such websites or pages, have no editorial responsibility for them and do not review them, and accept no liability for any consequences whatsoever of linking to the same.

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