For this first article, I’m taking you to Copenhagen!

While visiting my Danish distributor, Juul’s Engros, I got to spend some time in the capital, far from me the idea of playing the tour guide for you here, I do think all the information about this beautiful city and it’s exquisite colourful façades is already out there. My intention is quite simple, I travel a lot and fancy sharing with you a few of my favourites spots around the globe!

The Barking Dog & Paloma Vermut Café

Carl Wrangler runs both places, and they are both located in the very hip Nørrebro neighbourhood.

The Barking Dog has a warm laid back atmosphere, it’s the kind of place where you meet up for drinks with your friends, no fuss, when the bar is full or if it’s a little warm in, people will just sit down outside on the pavement to enjoy their drinks.

The Paloma Vermut Café is a super cosy concept café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee during the day as well as sip a cocktail at the end of your day. Please note that cocktails here are pretty much exclusively Vermouth based and the tapas on the menu have been imagined to compliment this specific spirit.

The Barking Dog

Paloma Vermut Café


Also in the Nørrebro neighbourhood, Gilt short for Glass, Ice, Liqueur and Topping truly possesses a Nordic feel to it. It’s interior is very elegant, clean minimalist and contemporary with subdued lighting. No doubt it is hyggelig* in the winter time! The cocktail menu is has the exact  same feel to it. My personal favourite was their Sakura cocktail: plum sake, gin, lemon husk, vermouth, cherry blossom and soda. Simply delicious!

Juul’s Vin & Spiritus

THE wine & spirits shop of Copenhagen, located in Værnedamsvej street, nicknamed «Little Paris», it’s a street which regroups French retailers: baker’s, delicatessen, French lycee and guinguette bar.

What started as a shop opened by a whisky collector, has become home to the largest importer of craft spirits in Denmark. You will any craft spirit of the world, from bourbon to French Jura fir liqueur, sotol from Mexico or Fiji rums, whiskies from Taiwan and even Burgundy’s finest Grands Crus wines. A must for the wine and spirits amateurs.


Typical traditional Danish restaurant, where I recommend you try 2 dishes in particular, the smoked herring with onions paired with local aquavit  and the cheese on toast which is served with a splash of rum … yep, you read it right, splashed with rum, it seems to be a Danish tradition. I guess it kind of explains the growing popularity for rum these last few years …!


THE place to go and have smørrebrød! Just a stone throw from the new royal place and the new port.

Warm welcome, the waitress was very happy to make try the different local aquavits. The decor is the image of Nordic sobriety, a little retro with 1950’s/60’s furniture. The menu is ever changing but classics do remain all year long. As ever it’s all about using the best ingredients – fresh and local!

Pate Pate

Located in the trendy meat packing district, the decor is rather hip, the menu is nice and simple, the food is very tasty, it’s good value for your money.


Great bakery & restaurant in Nørrebro, it is focuses on organic and sustainable products. I had a delicious breakfast there with a seriously tasty cinnamon roll and the most delicious bread! The place is stunning but very small though so you should definitely book!


BÆST is a sister restaurant of Mirabelle. Literally next door to Mirabelle, they also focus on high quality sustainable organic products. It’s mostly an amazing pizza place.

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